IT Support & Consulting Services


We provide consulting for large, medium-sized and small business

Mavenex is not just a professional and creative consulting, but also a place where ideas and suggestions of our clients are always heard and taken into account. Our IT consultants are motivated to provide each client with the best solution possible.

Business IT Support

We can manage your infrastructure affordably and seamlessly by applying our award-winning IT solutions. So you will get:

  • Customized IT Solutions
  • Up to 24/7/365 proactive support
  • Support of your cloud and on-premise IT
  • Compliance support (HIPPA, FINRA, SOX, etc.)

We have three levels of IT support that will match your business needs. Let us be your trust

IT infrastructure

Unlike the foundations beneath your house, this infrastructure needs to be regularly monitored, reviewed, and upgraded to ensure the changing needs of your organization continue to be well served by what lies beneath. Mavenex helps your business with all aspects of its IT infrastructure, from design and configuration to expanding it to match your growing needs.

In addition to PC installations and server commissioning, Mavenex has extensive experience managing office moves, installing structured cabling systems and designing disaster recovery solutions for its clients. Talk to one of our experts about your IT project today.full audit of its network, analysing overall performance, security and compliance. But needs change over time, so a dedicated account manager will also be assigned to ensure your infrastructure continues to keep pace.

Remote Work

Working from home on a large scale has changed the way businesses work forever. At Mavenex, we know that this offers some great flexibility for your employees, but some serious headaches for you. Are they continually developing their skills? Are they working too much? Is their home working space safe, and their network secure?

We’ve pulled together all the assets required to ensure your teams are working efficiently from a secure network, learning new skills, and importantly, maintaining a healthy balance between work and wellness.

With online training, security tests, wellness monitoring and team building, we’ve packaged our most recommended tools for remotely working employees to ensure there’s something for every budget, and every team.

Proactive Performance Monitoring

A network is the backbone of any modern business and IT systems are often put under great strain by users accessing files on desktop PCs, laptops, and tablets. Mavenex can monitor technical resources and provide vital support when things go wrong, ensuring productivity never suffers.

Project Management

In addition to PC installations and server commissioning, Mavenex has extensive experience managing office moves, installing structured cabling systems and designing disaster recovery solutions for its clients. Talk to one of our experts about your IT project today.

IT Roadmaps and Budget-Planning

Our clients rely on us to help plan their IT spending by documenting IT hardware, advising on IT strategy, and assisting with warranty and software license management.

Whether you are looking to build a new network domain from scratch or add a few client PCs, our engineers will help plan and deliver your new hardware with minimal interruption to your daily operations. We recommend best-of-breed manufacturers such as Dell, Toshiba and HP but are not tied to any, which enables us to provide expert independent advice.

Hardware Installations Include:

  • File Servers
  • Exchange and SQL servers
  • NAS and SAN storage arrays
  • Workstations, laptops, and tablets
  • Printers and peripheral devices
  • Routers and firewalls
  • Network cabling

Supporting Your Users

Mavenex wants to ensure you get the most from your IT, and for this it is essential that your users ‘buy into’ new systems and software applications. That’s why our engineers take the time to train your staff following a major upgrade, as well as providing ad hoc support by telephone as and when it is required.

Structured Training Courses

Sometimes, a structured course is required where comprehensive knowledge of a new package is needed in a hurry. Mavenex can get your users up to speed on Office, accounts and a range of other software with bespoke onsite or offsite courses. Please speak to one of our consultants today.

All of our IT support packages include unlimited remote support with a 15 minute target response time and a next day onsite response if a fault cannot be repaired remotely. Advanced support options include unlimited onsite calls and scheduled weekly visits by accredited specialists who are able to consult and advise your business at a Director level.

we work closely with our clients, appointing dedicated account managers to manage the on-going needs of their organizations. In addition to resolving the daily IT issues that threaten the productivity of your business, Mavenex will proactively monitor your network to optimize performance and provide the advice to you on business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Cloud Computing Services

With Mavenex, business continuity is assured as your migration will be seamless and trouble-free. With several deployment options and a subscription-based payment schedule, you can start working smarter, not harder. From planning, migration, and deployment, our experienced team can deploy cloud solutions such as Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and AWS. We can also deliver ongoing training and support for your staff as part of a tailored package.

For organizations using the suite of Dynamics 365 applications, Mavenex provides a fast, flexible, and future-proof integration product that can increase your sales and marketing efficiency, streamline your operations, and reduce costs—whether you are using one Dynamics 365 application or the entire suite.

Below are some of the benefits of this service:

Integrate with Your IT Stackare Chances that Dynamics 365 is just a portion of your application portfolio, and you plan to use one or more Dynamics 365 applications with best-of-breed solutions from several other vendors. With pre-built connectors to the world’s most popular business systems, including CRM, ERP, marketing automation, and data storage, Mavenex makes it easy to bring together data from anywhere.

Hybrid Cloud Integration Platform Faster, more efficient digital transformation, In the era of cloud, mobile, big data, and IoT, a single integration platform is not sufficient anymore. Your digital business requires flexibility, adaptability, and scalability, all a result of being properly integrated. A hybrid cloud platform is a new way to integrate. It lets you provide a compelling customer experience by connecting anything, anyone, and anywhere from core on-premises systems all the way to edge IoT devices. We offer all the key components for hybrid integration, each one focusing on specific use cases and deployment options that are highly integrated to work together to reduce complexity and efforts across teams.


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